Russian Caramel Delights says “your eggs are the yummiest eggs I have ever tried.”

Mattie from Toowoomba says “will not go a day without these eggs in our home. Andrew, Ali & Quin make sure we have quality in our home healthy and chemical free and the taste in amazing, feel like I am still at home on the folks farm keep up the good work will support you all the way.”

Sarah from Toowoomba says “thank you for delivering us your beautiful eggs last weekend. A great treat.”

Kathryn Curtis from Brisbane says. "I just wanted to say thank you for your beautiful eggs!

My mum, Dawn, has been hunting you down at the markets for the last few weeks to buy eggs and last week she brought a dozen down to me (I live in Brisbane). I'm a vegetarian who was about to cut out eggs due to the low standards and poor regulation of free range farming, so when mum told me about your farming philosophy I was very excited to try your eggs out. 

My kids and I just finished eating a huge breakfast of scrambled eggs and they were so delicious I couldn't convince the kids to eat their bread. They practically inhaled them! They were so delicious!

So thank you very much for doing what you are doing. It isn't just about how good the eggs taste, its about knowing that they are coming from a humane environment and knowing that you are thinking sustainably."